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Please Contribute to Jacob Eisen's Tzedakah Fund

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  • B'nai Tzedek
Jacob Eisen
My Message
I am thrilled to have the opportunity to give to teens who love music as much as I do. My family has taught me the importance of tzedakkah and tikun olam and with the support of my friends and family hope to contribute to the music program in Bat Yam. My donations will go to the cost of music instruments and lessons for Bat Yam's kids. Thank you to all who help!



My Donors

Ronnie, Robin, Jojo, Ari & Izzy 

Shirley and Harvey Rachman 

Marlon Hershkop 


Sharon, Meir, Remi and Daniel Rotenberg 

Stacy, Jonathan, Sonya and Zoe 

Michelle, Steven, Jesse, Anna and Jacob 

Patty and Jonathan Bloom 

Issac & Liora Zuckerman 

Gail and Leon Kozierok 

Eva and Les Saperia 

Abbey, Shane, and Charlie Sederoff 

Sharla, Joby, Ethan, Erin, Josh 

Chodirker-Bell Family 

The Sable Family 

Marcia and Sam schaffran 


SEL and ASIL Aaron 


The Chousky Family 

The Pascoes 

Jodi and Jack Patel 

Mechaly Family 



The Bergmans 

Lara Rosenberg and Aaron Silverberg 

Nomi, Jesse and Cameron 



The Lane Family 

Gordon Family 


Uncle Arthur 

The Kaufman Family 

Beverly Brock and Jordan Golden 

Lorne, Ashley, Jake and Rory 


Doreen Green 


The Gudofsky's 

Phil & Dorothy Barnoff 

Marcia Bernick 

Janna Pollack 

Bubbie Paula & Zaidie Henry 

Daniel Pascoe & Family 

Henry and Renee Majl 

Gail Midanik 

Stern Family 

Stayce and Tony 

Shirlee and Harvey Dolman 

Hedy and Morris Cohen 

Ilan and Bryna Rumstein 


Judi & Moe Sederoff 

David White & June Carroll 

Barb and Jeff Lanys 

The Millers 

sidney and reta eisen 

Gail and Daniel Saperia 

Karen & Michael Saperia 

Steven Schonblum 

Naomi & Gerald Brounstein 

Heather Grossman 


Alex and Olga Eisen and Family 

Debbie & Jay Waks  

Ab & Judy Eisen 

Brian and Joanne Pukier and Family 

Joanne and Mark Gossin 

Rob Karol and Marlene Brickman 

Al and Sabina 


For more information about the B'nai Tzedek Teen Philanthropy program, please call 416-631-5703 or email bnaitzedek@ujafed.org.