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Kathryn's 'Little Ones' Video Fundraiser

Please support my efforts to improve the lives of girls and women in the developing world.
My Personal Message
Click on "Video" to watch the 'Little Ones' video by Kathryn Calder.

I've put together this little video made up entirely of photos that fans, family and friends have sent in of their Christmases past. I've decided to also make it for Plan Canada's 'Because I Am A Girl' campaign in honour of my late mom and dad, who were both elementary school teachers for their entire career. I would like to ask you to find out more and consider donating any amount to this important cause by going to my fundraising page:

I had a very happy and fortunate childhood, we always had enough money for food, clothes, music lessons, etc. and so when I put together this video, I was naturally thinking about those who were having a harder time. I picked this particular cause because, as teachers, my parents were big advocates for improving childhood education both at home and abroad. As a woman, I want to help give young girls around the world the knowledge and tools to reach their full potentials.

This is a song about the magic of a childhood Christmas, and even though not all Christmases are happy ones, it's as good a time as any to remember to cherish the ones we love while we have them, and to be thankful for the good life we have while it's here!

Thanks, hope you enjoy!




My Donors


Lisa, Izzy, Minty Stewart - Rozenberg 

Anne Marie Stewart 

Kathryn Calder 

Milt & Jean Calder 

Casey Cohen 

Christine McAvoy 

Matthew Stotland 

Ro Cemm 

Michael Shimoura 

Nick Hallworth 

For more information about Because I am a Girl visit

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