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Be a part of Ellie's plan to change the world

Please support my efforts to improve the lives of girls and women in the developing world.
My Personal Message
It only takes one girl to change the world.

I have just turned 12 years old this year and I am fortunate to live in Canada where I have the right to control my own future. I want to help girls, just like me, in developing countries to have the same rights as I do.

Please support me and help change the lives of girls and women around the world. Your donation will help to ensure a brighter, safer future for millions of girls thousands of miles away.

Thank you for your support.

-Ellie <3



My Donors

Dwayne Smolnicky 

Laural Hilton 

Chris Large 

Kathi Vold 

Heather Moore 

chantal teasdale 

Kim Jemus 

Ellie Enderl 

Eleanor Jemus 

Ken Van Dongen 

sharron toews 

The Van Dongen Kids!  

Deborah Weinberger 

Ellen Guderyan 

Naomi Lazdins 

Kim Breckenridge 

Matt Palmer 

Cindy Huery 

Karen Tobin 

Deborah Heerema 

Natasha Salaash 

Angela Thompson 

Rochelle Parrent 

Shauna Klem 

Heather Blake 

Gail Kennedy 


cathy mckee 

Sarah Johnson 

Sandy Esch 

Shandell Dugdale 


dean goodine 

Kathy Ringer 

Beth Thompson 


Amber Humphries 

Otto Enderl 

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