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Rebecca's Bat Mitzvah Donations Page

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Rebecca Goldberg
[100 % of goal]
My Message
Hi everyone. I'd like to thank you all for considering a contribution to my Bat Mitzvah fund. I think it is very important, at Bat Mitzvah age, to start thinking about giving, rather than just getting. Even though I enjoy getting presents, I thought it would be meaningful to use my Bat Mitzvah as an opportunity to help others. I think it is important to make a difference in the world, even if it affects one community, or even one family. I want to thank everyone for helping me achieve this goal.


Goal: $3,600
Raised: $3,661
Supporters: 25
102% of goal achieved

My Donors

David Mikelberg 

Alan and Marla Schwartz 

Sandi Soll 

Leah Steele 

Arthur Standil 

Howard and Anne Biderman 


Susan and Jack Wortzman 

Elizabeth Brown 

Lisa and Wes Roitman 

Peter and Jill Kolla 

Lisa Ritchie 



Jennifer Ginsberg 

Patti Goldberg 

Wendy Greene 

The Young Family 

linda bronfman 

Judy Tessler 

Jodi and Steven Bager 



David Oxtoby 



For more information about the B'nai Tzedek Teen Philanthropy program, please call 416-631-5703 or email bnaitzedek@ujafed.org.