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Simon Fraser University (SFU)

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Amount Raised: $15,931.03 [ 27% of goal ]
Fundraising Goal: $60,000.00
My School Message
Welcome to our donation page for the Spread the Net Student Challenge!

Thank you for joining us in the fight against malaria! Malaria is one of the biggest global health problems of our time. More than one million children die of malaria every year – 90 per cent of them are in Africa.

Working with UNICEF Canada and Spread the Net, we can fundraise for the purchase of insecticide-treated bed nets to help protect vulnerable children.

1 net. 10 bucks. Save Lives.

Click “Sponsor Me” and make a donation to Spread the Net. Every dollar counts and your contribution will help to provide an at-risk child with an insecticide–treated bed net to protect them against malaria. Let’s Spread the Net!


For more information, please call or e-mail us.