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Arli Marans
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Hi everyone!
i'm Arli, and i've been a dancer for most of my life. I love to dance, so when I learned about the Toronto Bat Yam program, I wanted to help. This program, supports the most disadvantaged neighbourhood in Bat Yam, Israel. it was created in 2009, to help children, especially Ethiopian-Israeli immigrants have an opportunity to dance. This is so important to me because through dance, i can, express myself in a different way, relieve stress from the day, and have fun with my friends. I wanted to share this feeling with others, and this project is the perfect way to help in my upcoming bat-mitzvah year.

Please help me support this program by donating and raising funds. Participating in this dance program is out of reach for many Ethiopian-Israeli immigrants without our support. The tuition fees are around 180.00 shekels or $34.00 a month. It would be so great for me to know that i was part of sending these children to this program. Dance has helped me build self-confidence, self-discipline, self-esteem, and the drive to work harder.

any amount for donations is appreciated,
thank you for taking time to read this, and for helping me achieve my goal!



Goal: $1,500
Raised: $2,070
Supporters: 42
138% of goal achieved

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