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Ely Wyman
My Message
At this time of my bar mitzvah, I have chosen to share my love of basketball with children living in Bat Yam. The money raised in honour of my bar mitzvah will go towards helping children participate in a basketball program in their community. Sports is not only fun but it provides children with an opportunity to learn how to work in a team, be active, and develop confidence, skills and friendships.



My Donors


Kibel family 


Rabbi Jarrod Grover 

Diane and Ronnie Ennis 

Sheryl Lister and Barry Malet 

Tanya,Gabe,Maya,Koby,Avi and Lyla 

Murray Kroach 

Robyn, Michael, Jayden& Avery 


Heidi Brown and Adam Minsky 

jonathon, michelle and lev 


Shelly Wiggins 



Shapiro/Varkul Family 

Eran Poyastro 

Andrew, Anna et filles 

Toby Saltzman 

Laya, Jeff, Evan, Aaron and Amy Weissberger 


Linda Rothman and Gary Shapero 

Betty Gertsman 

Perry and Lauren Shoom 


Michael and Cynthia Wyman 

sharon&gordon Weisbrod 

Benji & Ellie Rusonik 

Elizabeth Chaddington 

Jan, Gary & Kyle Donnelly 

Arlene and Michael Gladstone 

Jack and Ellen Gryfe 

Richard and Carol Rossman 

Nancy & Joel Freedman 

Syd and Dorothy Shoom 

Jeff and Bronna Ginsberg 

Bev and Dan Gertsman 

Sandra Barwin 

Stephen and Muriel Comay 

Elaine Frankel 

Shirley Anne Haber 

Lee Gertsman 

Chodirker-Bell Family 

Jerry and Marilyn Saltzman 

Fran and Marty Caplan 

Halpern-Wyman Family 

Edith Shoom 

Shirley and Harvey Coleman 

Frances and Morty Wellen 



For more information about the B'nai Tzedek Teen Philanthropy program, please call 416-631-5703 or email bnaitzedek@ujafed.org.