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Bailey Wolfe
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On the occasion of my Bat Mitzvah, I have chosen to establish a fund at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto in support of Save a Child’s Heart (SACH). SACH is based in Holon, Israel and provides life-saving heart surgery to children from developing countries. They also train surgeons from these countries so that they can get the skills needed to care for children in their home communities. My goal is to raise $18,000.00 to provide one child from either Tanzania or Zanzibar with life-saving heart surgery. To date, SACH has performed over 5,000 surgeries for children in need regardless of race, nationality or religion. This summer I will be travelling with my family to Holon and will have the opportunity to tour the medical facility, meet with doctors and visit the SACH home where I will meet children receiving care while they are waiting for and recovering from surgery. In honour of my Bat Mitzvah, I hope that instead of a gift, you will consider making a donation.


Goal: $24,000
Raised: $26,473
Supporters: 122
110% of goal achieved

My Donors

Rabbi Baruch & Josette Frydman-Kohl 

Harold and Carole Wolfe 




Arlene Singer 

Joanna and Eli Cooperberg 

Patti & Sheldon Rotman 

Carolyn & Eliot Kolers 

Arlyn & Danny Zimmerman 

Orly Aaron  


Ronald Ennis 

Thelma Shulman  

Jessica Donath  

Aubrey and Betty Lowenstein 

Sheila Levy-Bencheton 

Andrea Glassman  

Myrna Smith  


The Mandels 

Tobey Lavine & Aaron Glassman 


Michael, Adina, Jacob and Noah Isenberg 

Hartley Chetner 

Allison Cepler and Michael Friedman and family 

Leslie and Joel Flatt and Family 

Daniel Weisbrod 

Brian and Amanda Cepler 

Honey Carr  

Lisa, Les, Noah, Talia and Jonah 

Elisheva Ellis & Eric Moss 

Stacey, Mayeer, Reese, Harley and Nate 

Toby Saltzman 

Zeitz family 

Ilene and Stephen Flatt and family 

Elaine Frankel and Steven Skolnik 

Marilyn and Frank Kisluk 


Anne Singer 

Lee Mandel  

Charlotte Price  

Shirley and Harvey Rachman 

Marnie Davidson 

Beverly Ross  

Ilene Strong 

Susan and Paul Lindzon 

Eileen Wunch 

Susan Wagman 

Bubbie & Zaidie 

Vivian Lapkovsky 

Lorie Cappe 

Rafi Aaron & Michelle Barclay 

Linda & Jacques 

Needemyer Family 

The Diamant Family 

Michael & Cindy Wyman 

Linda and Mel Kochberg 

Fondly, Sharon & Gordon Weisbrod 


Adrienne, Oren, Ezra, Jazmin and Gizelle Katz 

Norma and ERNIE Kirsh 

sussman family 

Marcie yudin 

Ellen Drazner 

Debbie Singer and Earl Nussbaum 

Sharon Zeiler 

Deanna and Michael Rosenswig 

Melissa Jacks 

Bailey Wolfe 

Debra Wolfe 


Donna Elkind 

Carole and Harold Wolfe 

Rachel Cosman 



Jennifer Backstein 


Ilene and Stephen Flatt 

Save a Child's Heart Canada 

Andrea Glassman 

Mark and Naomi Lieberman 

Kronis, Rotsztain, Margles Cappel LLP 


Sharon Neiss Arbess 

Michael Isenberg 

Melanie and Carlie Weinreb 

Amy & Maddy Elmaleh 

michelle porepa 

Charlat Family 

Keslassy Freedman Gelfand LLP 

Elana Carr, Eli & Shira 

Shirley and Harvey Rachman 

Kate Rames 

Sussman family 


Rob Sandler & Nyla Ahmad 


Joanna Mansfield and Eli Cooperberg- Mazel Tov! 

Reese Pearl 

Lesly & Peter Weinstein 

Toby Saltzman 

The Lindzon Family 

Jessica Donath 

Nina weinstock 

Lisa Aaron 


Karen Verbeeten 

Meryn Fineman 

Sadie Granovsky 

Ava Granovsky 


Katie Ossip and Family 

Ava Krieger 

Tina, Adam, Isabelle and Blake Erlich 

Tia Slightham 

Brodlieb Family 


Leslie Richmond 

Melissa S Jacks 

Natalie and Ian xoxox 


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