Event Closed

Thanks for your interest in Ride for Sight 2008. However, this event has been closed.

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Congratulations to all fundraisers for a successful year! Not only did we achieve our online fundraising goal of $200,000, we blew the roof off by fundraising a total of $251,815.

Special thanks to our top online fundraisers who achieved amazing new heights and to those who participated in the Club/Team Challenge, it was definitely exciting all the way to the end! Congratulations once again!

Top Online Fundraisers

David Sweeny                                           $23,305.00
Derek George                                           $23,100.00
Ken Kirk                                                    $11,575.00
Jerry Kubik                                                $10,828.33
Jim-Dylis Ward                                           $6,000.00
Tony Sokic                                                  $5,300.00
Sharon Colle                                               $5,280.00
Meghan Vanderyt                                        $5,078.00
Steven Marchione                                       $4,975.00
Bob Chambers                                           $3,835.00

Top Clubs/Teams

GTA Motorcycle.com                                $37,868.15
Pedal Power                                             $27,201.00
Durham Cruisers M. E. C.                        $14,707.00
Fighting Blindness Virtual Riders                $5,400.01
Ontario Dual Sport Club                              $4,773.00 DIAMOND                                                   $3,097.00
Hinton                                                          $3,000.00
Sidewinders M. E. C.                                  $2,793.00
B. U. M. S.                                                   $1,980.00
Leger Family Team                                     $1,936.00