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The Sasha Bella Fund For Family-Centred Care

The Sasha Bella Fund For Family Centred Care supports family-centred interprofessional practise at Sickkids Hospital that values patient and parent participation and collaboration as integral members of care teams. Based on family and staff identified needs, we direct your funds to low cost, high impact projects that support effective child, parent and staff communication and involvement. We have worked with the Labatt Family Heart Centre, Child Life, Palliative Care, Rehab, NICU and consulted social workers, GI, IGT and researchers. We invest in hospital education relating to Interprofessional Practise and Patient Safety, advocate for new parent supports, fund a music group where patients and caregivers can meet and in many ways seed relatively small donation sums into exemplary projects. See all our projects at The fund was setup before Sasha died on June 20th 2006 and has raised just over $100,000. In October 2009 we hold the third annual fun day fundraiser and will again have a separate site for event sponsorships and donations. If you have any specific questions for us or wish to be involved in our October fundraiser at the new and beautiful Wychwood Park Green Barns please email Thank you very much for your support of families at Sickkids Hospital via The Sasha Bella Fund!

Name: Sasha Bella Fund For Family-Centred Care
Amount Raised: $17,297.00
Fundraising Goal: $25,000.00

Sasha Bella Stein-Blumberg, SickKids Heart Centre, March 19 2006

Our sweet peach plays in the Heart Centre two months after unexpected complications following a second cardiac surgery. Two months after this picture was taken we all came home. Sasha died June 20, 2006.

Sweet peach walking hand over hand

Sasha on November 19, 2005 at 17 months old thanks to SickKids heart surgery. This was her most delicious age, a few weeks later she would take her first unaided steps and a month before her second heart surgery.
Goal: $25,000
Raised: $17,297
Sponsors: 19
69% of goal achieved

My Donors  

Tony and Enza La Selva 


Marcia Blumberg 


Henry & Marcia Blumberg 

Bridget Stevens 

Mark Arnold 


Gordon Bard 

Larry and Faye Librach 

Brian Garbe 

Tamar Spilberg 

Janis Purdy 

Magdie Kohn 

Lisa, Norman, Katie & Julia Leung 

Norman Leung In Honour of Justin's Birthday! 

Sean J Blumberg 


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