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This Halloween give more than candy...give a meal with a secure online donation.

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  • Food Security in Canada
    Meal Exchange - An Introduction to Food Security.
  • Trick or Eat Pumpkin
  • Take a Bite out of Hunger!
Lisa Le
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Did you know that 1.6 million Canadian households experience food insecurity? That means that 3.9 individuals, including 1.1 million children do not have access to adequate, nutritious and affordable food.

As a student, I've used food banks before. Groceries can get really expensive as a student, and during my undergrad, the Food Bank at the University of Ottawa gave us access emergency food baskets that would last up to three days in a judgement-free space. They didn't care if you were a student or if you worked at the university, everyone deserves the right to food, and some students have to choose between textbooks and groceries. They shouldn't have to choose.

I'm supporting thousands of youth across Canada who are taking the first step to fight hunger by participating in Trick or Eat - collecting food and funds for my local food bank and Meal Exchange. Every $1 donated = 1 meal.

Meal Exchange is a national youth-led charity that works with students to alleviate hunger and achieve food security.

Thank you for your support!



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