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Salee A Jenkins, PhD Memorial
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  • Conquering Cancer
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About This Campaign
Prominent psychoanalyst Salee Ann Jenkins, Ph.D., age 64, passed away on Aug. 12, 2013.

Salee always advocated personal empowerment in life to her family, friends, and patients. Immunotherapy’s thrust is to empower the cancer patient to target the cancer, with fewer side effects. Had Salee’s immune system benefited from immunotherapy, she could have written more words like the following:

"So cancer and I are attempting to strike a truce: It can lurk as long as I can work. It can live its own little life as long as I can live my bigger one. One of us will eventually succumb and it will probably be me but in the interim I hope we can find a way to coexist without excessive compromise. To me, that’s winning."

Please consider donating to the Cancer Research Institute to empower cancer patients to target their cancer and better live their lives.

Salee was an adjunct faculty member at Northwestern University Medical School and a training and supervising analyst and faculty member at the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis, where she served as co-dean from 2010-2011, chaired committees, and served on its Board of Directors. Salee was a vital part of the growth and inner workings of the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis. She had an unusual ability to be attuned to and deeply connect with friends, colleagues and especially patients; in her gaze you were important. While fighting an aggressive cancer for the last seven years of her life, Salee continued her commitment to psychoanalytic understanding. She was able to articulate her personal experience and translate it to a potentially universal perspective in her last paper entitled, “Trauma, Transience and Resilience: A Psychological Perspective on the Physician-Patient Relationship in Chronic Illness”.

A memorial service will be held Oct. 13 at Hammerschmidt Chapel, Elmhurst College, at 1:30 p.m.



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