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    Thanks for helping to make it happen in Ontario this year!
Jessica VandenBussche
My Message
Astounded by the need for mental health resources and armed with knowledge about the effects of human movement, I've decided to cycle across Ontario for mental health. Thanks to a very dedicated and inspired support team, generous donors and community support, it's happening. Here's an overview

Vision: overall outcome we are working towards
Joyful and engaged, physically and mentally fit communities

Mission: purpose and unique contribution
To promote sustainable physical activity as a means to mental health, unite communities, facilitate access to appropriate exercise and mental health resources, and inspire communication and action

There really is no health without mental health. Suffering from mental illness is a difficult road with various strategies ranging in effectiveness and accessibility. Sustainable physical activity is one of those strategies that can be beneficial for most people, whether it is to help them out of the depths of depression or simply improve productivity in work or school.
Let's be thankful for the mental health we have and remember those who are suffering with mental illness are sick, not weak. Thanks for joining the movement for mental health!

Keep smiling,




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