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Donate $10 and Help Send a Child to D-Camp

Your support is truly appreciated.

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  • Garrett - Camp Leader
    Garrett went from being a camper to camp leader. Listen to what D-Camp means to him.
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Graham McCormick
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Waterloo man raising money to send diabetic child to special camp ---

My name is Graham McCormick and I have set out to raise money to send a child with diabetes to "D-camp". My father was 19 when he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. He was hospitalized for a month and started taking insulin. He lived with diabetes for 30 years. During that time he lost the use of his kidneys, forcing him to start dialysis three times a week for 5 hours at a time. After two years of dialysis his sister stepped up and graciously offered a kidney. In 2003, he was the fourth Canadian to have a full pancreas transplant following a kidney transplant. He no longer takes daily injections, no longer manages his meal times, nor is he forced to deal with the ravages of this insidious disease.

Growing up with a parent with diabetes has allowed me to realize just how much diabetes can take away, but also how much it can bring families together.

A small donation of $10 will go a long way in making a BIG difference in a child's life.

Growing Up with Diabetes
From the moment a child is first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes their entire world changes. Where their parents were once able to simply prepare meals for the family, they now must consider glucose levels, weigh food, count carbs, adjust basal and bolus levels and find themselves obsessing over numbers. Even simple things like heading out for a family bike ride now involve remembering to pack snacks, juice boxes, test strips and glucagon. The younger the child is diagnosed the longer everyone in the family has to accommodate the reality of diabetes into their lives. D-Camps is able to empower these childern and help make that reality easier to manage.

What is D-Camp
D-Camps allows kids the opportunity to indulge their sense of fun and adventure in a diabetes-friendly environment where they can:

- Meet and connect with other kids who share the same experiences and “get” diabetes. Often, friendships made at camp will last long after camp has ended.
- Participate in fun outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, canoeing, campfires and archery that help promote self-esteem and personal growth.
- Learn how to self-manage diabetes in a supportive, nurturing environment. Kids return from camp less reliant on their parents and better able to manage day-to-day hurdles.

Be sure to check out the videos to hear from Garrett, a camp leader, about why D-camp is so important to kids with diabetes.

How You Can Help
By making a donation you can help give a young deserving child the opportunity to attend D-camp. My goal is to raise $1,350 (the cost of sending a single child to attend D-camp for a week) by November 14 in time for World Diabetes Day.

D-Camp ---
Canadian Diabetes Association ---



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