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VanAwesome takes on the CN tower!!!

Your support is truly appreciated

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Gail Van Egmond
[100 % of goal]
Apr 16, 2011 6:00 AM
CN Tower - Public Climb
My Message
My first climb was in 2009 and I did it as my first step in my journey of health to becoming a more active, fit mother for my two boyz.
The first year I did it in 58min, last year I did it in 42min. This year I plan on doing it in the 20min zone (even 29min will be good enough).
Our family goal is, when the boys are older they will do this too. But for now I am just a power of example for them. But I can't wait to be doing it beside them :)

Any donations would be great!! Thank you in advance for your support :)




My Donors

Ruth Phillips  

Bob Bannen 

Sarah Wilson 

Laurie Armstrong 

Kathy Hobbs 


Susan Hanson 



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