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    The story of chico is a story that will melt your heart. Another success story because of you.
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Jake White
[43 % of goal]
Feb 12, 2011 9:00 AM
Lake Eola, Downtown Orlando
My Message
Welcome to our fundraising page for the 17th Annual "Paws in the Park"... the biggest and best pet walk in Central Florida!

Since I first began working at the SPCA of Central Florida, we have...
Adopted 74,313 cats and dogs,
Spayed and Neutered 100,000+ pets (18,000 in 2010),
Each month, feed the pets of 900+ seniors of "Meals-On-Wheels,"
educated 1/2 million students and at-risk youth,
Visited hundred's of thousands of kids in hospitals through our pet visition program,
offered low-cost veterinary care to more than 25,000 clients (humans) and more than 75,000 patients(pets) annually...

Each year, ONE (1) SPCA of Central Florida Cruelty Investigator responds to more reports than the entire unit of investigators of a Northern, highly-televised, cruelty team... on a fraction of their budget!

Did you know that $.92 of each dollar is used directly for the care of the pets!

The SPCA of Central Florida is NOT a governmental agency, a part of any national animal group, nor do we receive funding from United Way... we are a private, non-profit agency.

We are, "The struggling winners!"

We need your help now!



My Donors

Pat, Lisa & Felicia Franze 

David Hickey 

Joe and Jennifer Sharpe 

Margot Knight 

Jennifer Dirscherl 

Patty DeYoung 

Lewis Brooks 

John Ashworth 

David and Holly Franko 

David Odahowski 

John DeMicoli 

Ann and Louie Garcia 

Simone & Derek Goodfriend 

Kimberly Munoz 

Bette BonFleur 

Michele Plant 

Lucy & Larry Gorsky 

Misty Johantgen 

Anonymous Pet Friend 

Nancy Glick 

Aaron Hoefen 

Barbara Leone 

Edyth Bush Foundation 

Sandi Thompson 


Elaine Pancake 

For more information about our event, please call or email us.