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Amount Raised* $8,565.00 [ 100% of goal ]
Team Fundraising Goal: $7,500.00
Event Date: Sep 11, 2010 8:30 AM
Location: Sanctuary Park, Alpharetta, GA
* ALL offline donations (checks and cash) received and entered by registered walkers will only be reflected within the "Amount Raised" above. Only verified donations, are reflected in the online fundraising thermometer total. Offline donations must be sent to the GOCA office in order to be verified and included in the TOTAL fundraising thermometer, prior to September 23, 2009.

Our Team Message
Thank you for visiting our Team Page! Through our combined efforts we can make a HUGE difference. Please join our efforts today...
Goal: $7,500
Total* $8,565
Sponsors: 106
114% of goal achieved

Team Member Listing:
* The amount displayed next to our team name represents team donations not tied to any one member.

Verified Amount Raised
NameVerified Amount Raised
Lorraine Powell$6,125.00
Kathy Rottmann$840.00
Marilyn Albach$500.00
Gail Meyer$265.00
Tom Sullivan$185.00
Becky Robinson$160.00
Frankie Vinciguerra$125.00
Laurie Chambrello$100.00
Susan Beadle$65.00
Dave Nardone$0.00
Devrin Carr$0.00
Jason Berke$0.00
Jennie Nesspor$0.00
joyce durdaller$0.00
Lorri Banker$0.00
Natalie Nardone$0.00
Polly Pitkin$0.00
Sarah durdaller$0.00
Sarah Jackson$0.00

Please consider joining our team by registering for this year's Overcome Ovarian Cancer Walk. Just click on the 'Join Our Team' button! If you can't participate, we hope you will support our efforts to find a cure by making a donation using the 'Help Us Reach Our Goal' button above.

Please Note:  Your online gift to the Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance is tax deductible and you will automatically receive an e-tax receipt once your donation has processed.

Should you have any concerns regarding this event, your online donation or if you find anything on this page offensive, please CONTACT US.

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