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  • Mountains For Melons
    Climb for breast cancer.
Paul Moffat
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My Message
My mother is a breast cancer survivor. I am lucky and grateful to have her with me today, several years ago we were not sure if that would be the case. Breast cancer is an unforgiving and unyielding foe, many do not win the fight. Even though my family is through the other side it's always a tough time during October's breast cancer awareness month to remember what I almost lost, and also for those who have lost.

It is hard to watch someone you love go through such a devastating and painful disease, all you want is to take their pain from them. Sitting on the sidelines ofts renders us feeling helpless. But there is a way we can all help - show your support. Emotional, physical, financial, by any means, you can show support. Even simple gestures can carry huge weight and significance for those in the fight.

Last year I committed to making a gesture that showed my mother and others affected by breast cancer that I empathise with them and respect them for their bravery in their epic fight. As such I wanted to do something that was an epic battle for me, a challenge that would result in suffering and hardship that required strength and perserverance to see it through.

Hence the Mountains for Melons Ride in Vancouver B.C. a grueling day of all and any significant climbs in the North and West Vancouver mountain ranges. Last year we managed to suffer through 5200m of elevation gain and we're looking to add more this year. October 24th is a day we cyclists in Vancouver empathise with those afflicted by breast cancer and although we will want to give up and step off the bikes many times during the 10 to 12 hours of riding ahead we will remeber that the brave souls waging war against cancer don't get to 'step off their bikes' for a breather or pack it in for the day. For them, neither will we!!!

I would ask of my donors to contribute as much as they would like me to climb $1 for 1m climbed BUT within their budgets. If you can donate $100 then I shall climb 100m, the next person will add onto that total and I'll climb some more. The more you donate, the more I climb!!


For more information about our event, please call or email us.
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