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Team ClearlyContacts.ca - Rowing The Pacific for Ocean Health Issues

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  • Row The Pacific 2014
    Rebecca Berger and Leanne Zrum are going to be the first Canadians to row the Pacific from Monterey Bay, California to Honolulu, Hawaii this June. They will be using the row to raise awareness and funds for Ocean Health Issues
  • Rebecca & Leanne
  • Honey Badger - The Boat
    Meet the Honey Badger, this is the boat we will be rowing across the Pacific this Summer to raise awareness for Ocean Health Issues.
  • Row The Pacific
Rebecca Berger
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“When our species was born, we looked out at a chaotic world and the human brain imposed order and meaning in myriad ways, looking ahead and imagining the world into being. That was our great gift. So now the challenge is to imagine a different world where our wealth is in human relations and the things we do together, and we learn to live in balance with the rest of nature.”      - David Suzuki

My Message:
It’s important to us to help preserve nature and turn back climate change. That’s why we are using our row from California to Hawaii to raise awareness for our fundraiser to help the David Suzuki Foundation protect the diversity of the ocean and our quality of life. Would you give today to support my fundraiser and help this critical goal? Join me and help build a healthy environment and preserve the oceans we love so much.



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