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Your support is truly appreciated

Your support is truly appreciated

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Peter Jackman
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Nov 13, 2015 9:45 AM
Planet Ice
My Message

As many of you know, I have been playing in a hockey tournament in support of Alzheimer’s for four years. I am writing to seek your support.

The purpose of the tournament is to raise funds and awareness of this crippling disease and we are have been able to raise almost $3 million so far in support of the cause. We will be joined in our cause this year by Guy Lafleur and Dennis Hull, who have agreed to make keynote speeches at our pre-tournament fund raising lunch and host our participants over the weekend of the tournament.

The impact of Alzheimer’s and dementia continues to grow in Canada and around the world as our population ages and the disease impacts an ever greater number of people. The Alzheimer’s societies across the country are expanding their mandate from treatment and advocacy to also include research funding – to hopefully contribute to some form of cure or preventative solution. Your support of this year’s tournament will help to fund vital research on the causes and treatment of Alzheimer’s.

There are currently 840,000 sufferers from this disease in Canada and that number is predicted to almost double in the next six years!

I appreciate your support as we seek to raise both awareness and funding to address this debilitating disease.

With thanks,
Peter Jackman



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For more information about our event, please call or email Patricia at 604-742-4945 or 1-800-667-3742 or pgooch@alzheimerbc.org. For more information about the Alzheimer Society of B.C., go to www.alzheimerbc.org.
Alzheimer Society of B.C.