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Kim Jackman
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Nov 13, 2015 9:45 AM
Planet Ice
My Message

For the past few years, I have participated in one way or another in the Scotiabank Hockey for Alzheimer’s tournament, here in Vancouver. Over many years, I have seen people who are close to me - and their immediate families - struggle through the heartbreaking impact of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.

This tournament is one way I believe that we can help lessen the blow that an Alzheimer's diagnosis can represent. Funding for the Alzheimer's Society of B.C. helps to provide critical resources and support for individuals and their families who are living with the effects of dementia. While I know that this support is crucial in the immediate term, I desperately hope that today's research will ultimately lead to eradicating the disease altogether.

To me personally, the hockey is secondary. BUT I have a team of guys who REALLY WANT TO DRAFT HIGH! The more our team raises, the higher our draft pick. If I contribute to the high draft pick, maybe they'll let me score a goal!!

Whatever the reason, your support is very much appreciated - not only by me and the Alzheimer's Society of B.C., but particularly by the families and individuals in our province who are living with dementia. It truly makes a day-to-day difference in their lives.

Thank you for support to “help put Alzheimer’s on ice”.



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For more information about our event, please call or email Patricia at 604-742-4945 or 1-800-667-3742 or pgooch@alzheimerbc.org. For more information about the Alzheimer Society of B.C., go to www.alzheimerbc.org.
Alzheimer Society of B.C.