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Art for a Cure Online Voting Is Closed


Thank you for your interest in the Art for a Cure Online Competition. The online voting portion has now closed. However, you can still be involved!  You can join us at the Nashville Art for a Cure Wine and Cheese Tasting scheduled for April 28. Click here to purchase your tickets today!


You may also still make a general donation towards the event here.


At this event we will be viewing and auctioning off each of the art pieces. The top five pieces from each age category will be judged by our esteemed and distinguished art judges, then the top two of each age group will be available for purchase during the live auction at the event. All other pieces will be included in the silent auction.


If you are interested in participating in the online silent and/or live auction portion of the event, which will run from April 17 through April 28, please click here.


The silent and live auction of all the art pieces will take place at the Art for a Cure Wine Tasting and Exhibition in Nashville on April 28, 2013.  You can be a part of this by registering online to place your bid and maximum bid (much like eBay) on as many pieces as you would like.


Simply use your Smartphone, iPad, iPod or computer to bid on items anywhere in the nation before or during the exhibit. Once you register, be sure to include your cell phone number to get text notifications when outbid, set your maximum bid amounts or stay involved during the event to win your favorite masterpiece! We hope to see you at the exhibit in Nashville and if you're coming, be sure to rbing your Smartphone, iPad, or iPod with you to join in and keep up with the action!


Volunteers at the event will then be available to herlp you register or even borrow equipment for the event.  Winning bidders will be notified and shipping charges would be included in your charges.


Don’t forget, register for the online auction by April 28!



Thank you to our talented and inspiring artists!



- Don't miss your chance to get tickets to view the artwork from across the nation at the April 28 event.



Please visit us at www.tsalliance.org for more information.